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MU Online was originally released two decades ago by the South Korean gaming company Webzen. Since then the game survived many facelifts and reworks and this is the case with MU Archangel as well. Mainly a spin-off MMORPG title for mobile gamers on Android and iOS, free to play with some in-app purchases. Currently only available in Southeast Asia, but open for pre-registration worldwide.

The story revolves around the epic weapon called Archangel and the empire of MU involving emperor Muren and the commander-in-chief Gaion. Of course this is a blatant oversimplification, but we are not going to get into the deep lore right now. What you need to know is that MU Archangel is a decent MMORPG title. With plenty of content that you can experience even for free.

You can choose one of the tree classes to start. Dark Knight, Dark Wizard and Elf, each utilizing a different set of skills and powers. From here on, you have your basic run-of-the-mill MMORPG content such as quests, dungeons, guilds, bosses and raids. One thing that (in my personal opinion) is just not good for the genre in general is the auto-battle mode. This makes the game feel like a character management instead of MMORPG and should be completely removed.

New Update: Scepter content

Today, MU Archangel received the latest 1.11 update patch for SEA (South East Asia) players only. But should be available for everyone else in near future as well.

Players can open the Scepter content with 6 Gem slots once they reach Master level 300. Gems for equipping in the Slots can be acquired in the Land of Demons and have 4 Ratings – Magic/Epic/Unique/Legendary.

When equipping Gems into the Scepter, players can acquire various options and Gem skills as well as powerful AOE Skills (PVP).

There is also a new feature called “Gem Awakening” that increases the speed of AOE skills and new gem storage tier that you can upgrade by dismantling unused gems.

If all of this sounds a bit confusing, don’t worry its a content update for seasoned players and newbies shouldn’t worry about it until later in the game.

If you decide to try MU Archangel and find yourself a bit overwhelmed (from all the content, currency and features) – go ahead and visit the official Guide that explains all the things you should know.

Gamers from SEA can install the game from the link below, everyone else can pre-register and be notified when MU Archangel launches globally.

MU Archangel
MU Archangel
Developer: Webzen Inc.
Price: To be announced

Ivica Kiwin

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