Summoners War: Sky Arena and Cookie Run: Kingdom Collaboration Event

When everything moves slowly and sales tend to drop, game devs usually decide to do a crossover. And in this case that might be a good thing. Com2uS the developers of Summoners War and Devsisters Corp. the developers of Cookie Run both updated their games with new features and rewards. So it’s safe to say that this collaboration goes both ways, in a good sense.

However, the guys writing the press release didn’t get the memo – ergo no collaborated info was released. To be honest it is a bit confusing since all the features listed refer to Cookie Run: Kingdom, but only Com2uS was mentioned. Nevertheless, both games have collab updates, both have new features and we will link them both in the end. In case you have one of those games installed (or both), make sure you update it so you can receive the digital goodies.

Cookie Run: Kingdom Collaboration Details:

  • Collaboration Characters – Sky Arena players can now claim five new Cookies from Cookie Run: Kingdom, including GingerBrave, Hollyberry Cookie, Pure Vanilla Cookie, Madeleine Cookie and Espresso Cookie. Players can collect GingerBrave through a collaboration event and claim the remaining Cookies by summoning them through gacha. Besides GingerBrave, the other four Cookies are available in five different attributes. The Cookies can be obtained during the collaboration period only, but can be used in the game permanently.
  • Custard Cookie III Park and “Jellybean Farm” – Starting today, a new building called Custard Cookie III Park has been added to the game, where players can keep the Cookies together on the main page. Players can also build a Jellybean Farm on their Sky Island to produce Jellybeans, which is a new in-game currency that can also be earned and used through playing various in-game content. 
  • Bear Jelly Balloon – Bear Jelly Balloon from Cookie Run: Kingdom will appear in Sky Arena. Players will be able to onboard five Monsters on the hot air balloon and deploy them to explore and collect in-game rewards.
  • Special Dungeons – Special event dungeons will be available during the collaboration period only, allowing players to experience various Cookie Run: Kingdom elements including enemy characters, camera angle and background. Unlike the usual format, where the dungeon is preceded by each wave, this special dungeon will be in a format where the flow of the battle continues as characters march forward. Red Velvet Dragon, a boss of the dungeon from guild content in Cookie Run: Kingdom,  will appear as the final boss through an update in September. 
  • Trial of Ascension – Starting on September 15, the Cookies will make their appearance as the boss on every 10th floor of Trial of Ascension.  A Cookie Run: Kingdom Scroll that only summons the Cookies will be available as a reward for clearing the 50th floor in Normal Mode.

Collaboration Special In-game Events:

  • Nat 5 [GingerBrave] Giveaway Event – Until November 6, players can complete missions to collect GingerBrave, one of the Cookies that can only be acquired from this event. GingerBrave is a Nat5 Monster with Wind Attribute and comes in Awakened form with 6 Runes (Power-up Lv.15) equipped. Various in-game goods are rewarded along the journey of summoning GingerBrave.   
  • Together with Cookies! Event – Until November 6, players can earn Jellybeans and use them on the Cookies to receive rewards including Cookie Run: Kingdom Scroll, Legendary Scroll, L&D Scroll, Devilmon, and more. Jellybeans can be acquired through various in-game content including Dungeons, Raid, and Bear Jelly Balloon expedition. With the Jellybeans, players can also visit Magic Shop of the Cookies and purchase special goods including the newly added Giant’s Keep, Dragon’s Lair, and Necropolis Rune Set Fix.
CookieRun: Kingdom
CookieRun: Kingdom
Summoners War
Summoners War
Developer: Com2uS
Price: Free

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