Battle Boom Released Globally

The mobile game publisher FourThirtyThree, Inc. announced that their latest real-time strategic combat game, Battle Boom, is now available worldwide. Battle Boom features deck based combat, a lot of military units and couple of different gameplay modes. The game is free to download, but seems to be having some compatibility related issues (for now).


About Battle Boom


Battle Boom heavily relies on the good old formula, 2 castles, deck full of cards and a symmetrical battlefield. Think of it as “Clash Royale” in landscape with modern military units. For now, there are over 70 different cards that can be collected and combined, to form the “ultimate” deck and crash every opponent standing in your way.



The game features simple “tap & swipe” touch optimized controls and all the battles are in real-time. Cards (units and weapons) that can be collected are also up-gradable and can be claimed by defeating your opponents. Clans (legions) are also available, so you don’t have to take over the world on your own.

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Battle Boom can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. There are some compatibility issues with couple of popular Android devices, but those are launch day problems and should be ironed out pretty soon. Follow the link below to download the game and watch the trailer.




Battle Boom
Battle Boom
Price: Free
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