Middle Manager of Justice makes its way on Google Play

Almost a year ago, “Double Fine production” released a game for the iOS platform by the name of “Middle Manager of Justice”. Sadly, the game was pretty much unfinished and featured lots of bugs that made it practically unplayable. Instead of scrapping the project, “Double Fine” decided to go for it and make the fans official beta testers. Few weeks later the game was fixed, finished and re-released on the App Store and since then it started attracting attention.

Better late than never, Middle Manager of Justice finally arrives on Android as well. What we get now instead of unfinished buggy version, is highly polished time based simulation which uses a pretty decent freemium model and promising gameplay on the long run.

Justice Corp. the crime fighting company has seen better days and to avoid complete failure they hire you, the Middle Manager of Justice to manage one of the failing branches of the company. Your job is to hire heroes, train them, research new items, fight crime and make some money, so you can stop the evil masterminds controlling each district.

According to many user reviews on the App Store, Middle Manager of Justice uses IAPs that are not necessary to complete the game, but are required to do everything at once without missing certain events. You can expect a full review by the end of the next week, and until then you are welcome to try the game for yourself.

UPDATE: Game was removed from Play Store. Download Middle Manager of Justice APK here.

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