Minecraft Pocket Edition beta testing program is now open

Mojang, the creator of Minecraft Pocket Edition, announced that their beta program is now open and anyone who bought the game through Google Play on any Android device can join the team. You will get to test upcoming features and give your feedback to the developers.

Please note that you can’t transfer your game world from the beta version back to a final version as they are not compatible and your world might get corrupted. If you get accepted and decide to join the test group, your regular (public) version of Minecraft Pocket Edition will still receive all the regular updates and you can also opt-out from the beta if you don’t feel like testing the game anymore at some point.

Developers are hoping to complete the 0.8.0 version soon and release it before Christmas. All applications are accepted at this time, but that may change so hurry up and submit yours before it’s too late.

Minecraft Pocket Edition – Beta Application

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