Square Enix launches Final Fantasy IV: After Years

As we approach that time of the year, or otherwise called holiday shopping season, Square Enix decides to lure RPG fans by releasing Final Fantasy IV: After Years on the Android Play Store. This remake of the Final Fantasy IV sequel comes with updated graphics and optimized touch controls, ready to be consumed on the go.


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years is a sequel to the original FF IV game from 1991. It was originally released in Japan as mobile game back in 2008 and later as WiiWare port in North America. It was also part of the “Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection” on the PSP, which included a separate title, “FF IV: Interlude”, that bridges the storyline between the original game and its sequel. Since the Android remake is missing this part, you may want to check out the FF Wiki page (spoilers!) to fill the story gap and find out what happens after you finish the original game.

Set approximately 17 years after the events of Final Fantasy IV, the after years follows the story of Prince Ceodore (son of King Cecil and Queen Rosa) as he joins the airship fleet known as the Red Wings. This relatively peaceful period is about to end as the second moon appears in the sky once again, much closer to the planet than it was the first time. Hordes of monsters are about to disturb the peace and only you and your party can prevent the catastrophe. The main storyline is divided in 4 parts (tales), but after you complete the first one you also gain access to 6 optional scenarios that can be completed in any order, revealing tales of 6 additional characters.

After years enjoys full Google Play Game Support, requires 600mb of storage space, Android device running Gingerbread (2.3) or later and about $17.00 from your wallet. Granted, it may not be the cheapest game around, but Final Fantasy fans will surely enjoy playing this title on their portable devices. Quality and content amount is not something you should be worried about as many Square Enix games justified their price tag in the past.

On a side note, FF IV After Years won’t run on your Android 4.4 device if you have Android RunTime (ART) enabled. Disable it in your “developer settings” and reboot the device before launching the game.

Price: $14.99

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