Marvel Avengers Alliance released on Android

Marvel decided to port their popular Facebook game on the Android platform. Assemble a team of Marvel heroes and try to stop Dr. Doom, Loki and other powerful villains before they lay their hands on the mysterious new substance ISO-8.

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The game puts you in the shoes of a freshmen S.H.I.E.L.D. agent that has to assemble a dream-team of heroes and start investigating suspicious activities. The super villains must be stopped before they lay their hands on the mysterious substance known as ISO-8 and take over the world. You will accomplish this by following Nick Fury’s orders on the “Helicarrier” (S.H.I.E.L.D’s mobile headquarters) across 60 story-driven missions and hundreds of side quests.

The game itself plays much like the old Japanese RPG titles where you have to use your team abilities against your enemies on the battlefield, perform special attacks or use some of the items in your inventory. Random items and mission rewards will fill your pockets with all sorts of goodies like frag grenades, med-packs, enhancements and what not. You can even send certain team members on away missions to get even more items and resources, or train their abilities.

Character and environment drawings look nice, but everything is poorly animated. Some may argue that this game is not about animations or stunning graphics, but watching my heroes perform their moves in stop-motion style is certainly not pleasant.

There are couple of currencies available and LOTS of items you can buy or upgrade from the in-app store. The list is quite big and there is no point explaining everything here as each item has a brief in-game description, explaining what it does and why would you want it. Newcomers will definitely find the whole experience a bit overwhelming, so take it easy and get to know the game before you start spending your hard earned cash. Gold bars and silver coins can be bought for real money and you can easily exchange them for command and SHIELD points as needed.

IAPs are not the only obstacle you face while playing Marvel Avengers Alliance as the developers also decided to implement the infamous “energy system” that prevents you from playing the game as much as you like to. Unless you spend couple of gold bars and recharge it of course. Timers are attached on away missions and training sessions as well and you can also “speed them up” by spending…. what? Gold bars! Fans will be disappointed to find out that Marvel Avengers Alliance cannot be linked with the Facebook version of the same name and that internet connection is required at all times while playing this game. PvP and SpecOPS modes are also missing, but they will be implemented in near future.

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