#Kickfailer – The developers from Little Worlds Studio need your help

The developers over at Little Worlds Studio are in trouble and they need your help to keep their jobs. Now, they reach out to the gaming community to support games that are already fully developed by launching the #Kickfailer campaign.

LWS_Team_2014The Little Worlds Studio was established 10 years ago and they developed tons of cool games across multiple platforms over the years. Now, they find themselves in a difficult financial situation after the release of their latest game “Mana Crushers”, a cute puzzler that is basically free to play.

Their ultimate project goal is to accumulate one hundred million downloads and if successful, the developers will spend a night in jail on your behalf. Of course, there are 6 other goals that will also do just fine, but if you want that free “get out of jail” card, you will have to start spreading the word. Their first goal set at 1000 downloads is already complete and they went out to their nearest fast food restaurant and “pigged out”, just as they promised 🙂


So, what can you do to help? You can either donate some money directly (via PayPal), or download their game, finish it and support the team by purchasing something inside.

About Mana Crushers

Mana Crushers is an addictive puzzle game where you get to play as one of the six banished wizards and trace paths by connecting identical adjacent objects, including pumpkins, crystals and potions. Players also get to collect rare cards, new spells, gain experience points to level-up their wizards and unlock special characters. More than 10 different spells can be learned to burn the evil scarecrows and attack the enemy wizards.

There are more than 100 levels to beat, tons of creature cards to collect and enough content to provide over 40 hours of gameplay. The IAP’s inside are completely optional and there are no ads to bug you out, but if you want to support LWS and maybe attend their costume party (goal set at 10.000.000 downloads), you can buy couple of gems and spin the lottery wheel to unlock some extra cards.

To get involved, visit the project website located at or download Mana Crushers by clicking the link below.

[tab:Download Mana Crushers]


[tab:Game Features]

• Over 100 levels to complete
• Plenty of wizards to win and collect
• Dozens of spells to learn and improve
• Dozens of different game mechanics, mixed in each level
• Over 40 hours of gameplay


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