Let Them Come

If you ever feel like entering a mindless carnage with machine guns and aliens, this is a game for you. Mow down waves and waves of alien scum, get points, upgrade and mow some more. It’s like Culling of the Cows on steroids.


In short, you are mercenary gun for hire, that takes his  job assignments little too personally. A shady company called “Infini Corp” sends you on a mission to take back a derelict spaceship infested by aliens.

To make things easier, you get to upgrade your arsenal with the coins earned in-game. Get new guns, bombs, assistants or even improved batons and ammo to fight back the oncoming horde.  Pretty much all you need to survive the waves and beat the bosses.


The game is available on multiple platforms, but the android version is priced lower than the rest. If making a mess out of alien scum in a pixel art styled environment is your thing, check the link below.

Let Them Come
Let Them Come
Developer: Versus Evil
Price: $1.99


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