Rocket Sling

If you need a boost through the work/school week ahead, here is a suggestion. A brand new game coming from a newly founded developer, NewKids, made its debut on the playstore. It’s a physics based spaceship slinger, where you have to collect crystals and avoid smashing your J-1 rocketship at all cost.


Rocket Sling is a slingshot type of game where you have to aim your spaceship just right and launch it in outer space to collect the precious crystals and use big objects gravitational pull (such as planets moons and asteroids) to orbit around them and complete the level.

Each level can be completed in a different way with variable success. You can get between 1 and 3 stars with unlimited retries. At the moment there are 24 levels available and more to come in early 2018. One handy thing to mention is that you can preview the entire level before launching your J-1 and plot your course accordingly.


[tab: Download]
Rocket Sling
Rocket Sling
Developer: NewKids
Price: Free


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