Hero Academy 2

Robot Entertainment (Orcs must die, Echo Prime), recently released a sequel to their highly acclaimed strategy / deck building game, Hero Academy. The sequel brings in real-time PvP battles and new battle boards to rule and conquer, including brand new heroes and quests.


Your goal in Hero Academy 2 is to gather cards, build your deck and face your opponents on the (visually stunning) battlefields. Apart from the PvP, single player campaign is also available and will help you improve your deck through missions and quests.

The turn-based battles are in real time and usually won’t last more than a minute or two. The developers promised new seasons on monthly basis, that should help you climb the leaderboards and take the crown, well if you are an active player at least.

The game is available for Android devices and (currently in early access) on Windows and macOS


Hero Academy 2
Hero Academy 2
Developer: RobotEntertainment
Price: Free+


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