Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings Content Update

Legacy of Discord, one of the most popular MMOARPG games on Android and iOS receives a beefy content update. For the first time, master assassin Ezio from Assassin’s Creed® will make his debut, with more  Assassin’s Creed characters to follow in future. The content update also brings a cross-server Dungeon and a series of Valentine’s Day events.


About Legacy of Discord – FuriousWings


Released in late 2016, Legacy of Discord became one of the most popular Android MMOARPG games. As of now, it has been downloaded over 10 million times on the Play Store alone. LoD offers everything you would expect from a top of the shelf MMOARPG game. Players can engage in real-time Co-Op or PvP matches, take on raid bosses or participate in a large scale PvP battlegrounds. Guild and guild wars are also part of the game, as are tamable beasts that will aid you in battle.



Whats New


Yoozoo Games and Ubisoft announced a new partnership that will bring Assassin’s Creed characters to the Metamorph System in Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings. This exclusive content will start with Eizo, the lead character from the Assassin’s Creed franchise. The update also includes a cross-server dungeon, “Godly Zone”, which can be entered by players ranking among the top 100 in the Arena.  The dungeon will be available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and will contain many treasure chests, including the Supreme Treasure Chest that becomes available once all other chests are cleared. Clearing the Supreme Chest will spawn lots of monsters that need to be defeated before facing the boss of the arena. Once the boss is down, players will receive their rewards.


Couple of valentine’s day events are also planned to take place from February 11. Among the other things, new legendary pet “Cupid”, an event named “Flowers of Love” and a special “Mount of Love” that was designed for two people. Once mounted, tap the “Share Mount” button to call up on the invitation list. This function can only be used in the City, Plunder and the Untamed Wilds.


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