Rules of Survival – Global Launch

While PUBG is definitely coming to Android, other similar games are already tapping the market. One of these games is Rules of Survival that announces its global launch with brand new 8×8 map.


Rules of Survival – Global Launch


While the developers from PUBg are working on porting their game to mobile platforms, other companies found a way to offer similar experience by releasing their own clones on the Play Store. Clone or not, Rules of Survival has already proven that it has something to offer. During its soft launch phase, it enjoyed over 100 million downloads and now it goes global with a bang, offering brand new 8×8 map that allows 300 players to fight simultaneously. Get your parachute ready and test your skills.



For those not familiar with the concept, in Rules of Survival a number of people are released onto an island, last person standing wins – Hunger Games style. There is a designated area where you have to move (announced after everybody jumps off the plane) while the map is constantly shrinking. Your job is to survive, get to the safe area, loot and kill other players or team up with someone. Vehicles can help you move faster, but they are usually hard to find and draw too much attention. Survivors of the match receive huge awards and ranking points.

Aside from the new map, Rules of Survival fans can also participate in a series of special events during this month and receive surprise rewards around Valentine’s day. If you feel like giving it a spin, you can download the game from the link below. Its in-app purchases supported free to play. To check out the trailer click here. PC version is also available for download on the official website.


Developer: NetEase Games
Price: Free+

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