KOF Allstar X Soulcalibur VI event is live

Netmarble, has released a holiday update for THE KING OF FIGHTERS ALLSTAR in partnership with Bandai Namco’s SOULCALIBUR VI. The update introduces characters from SOULCALIBUR to the game and offers a variety of holiday-themed events with rewards such as event coins and special items for players to unlock.

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What’s new?

The Athenian warring maiden Cassandra Alexandra has fought fiercely with her shield and sword and now enters a new arena as EX Cassandra (Yellow Element / Defense Type). Her Leader Skill increases ATK equal to DEF of [Soulcalibur VI] and decreases Active Skill Cooldown, while her Active Skills decrease Finish Skills Cooldown.

SOULCALIBUR’s legendary ninja Taki also brings her iconic dual-wielding swords to the fold with today’s update as EX Taki (Blue Element / Attack Type). Her quick strikes give her a Leader Skill that increases ATK and Critical DMG of [Extreme] Fighters. EX Taki is also marked by increase of ATK and decrease of DMG for a certain time upon tagging in.
Diverse in-game events such as Collection Room Event, Collab Dream Match and Collab Rush Dungeon will be held and, for even more rewards, players can access the following with today’s update:

  • Collaboration Check-in: Players will receive [EX Aristocrat Catsuit Ivy] as a reward for logging in the first day of the update to check in. Additional collaboration rewards such as collaboration Event Coins and a collaboration Item Mystery Box can be obtained just by checking in to the game.
  • Collaboration Event Summon: Players can obtain various growth items including [EX War Maiden’s Costume Cassandra] using Event Coins.
  • Collaboration Boss Showdown: Clear the Challenge Level, SOULCALIBUR-exclusive Enhancement Hammer and Event Coins can be earned.


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