Azur Lane has new update “Parallel Superimposition”

Azur Lane, a mobile game that features naval battles, recently released an update called “Parallel Superimposition.” As part of this update, five characters from the Eagle Union faction have gained new abilities, and the character Yorktown has been upgraded to a second generation version and is now the first Ultra Rare Aircraft Carrier for the faction. The update also includes new themed furniture, gear skins, and swimsuit costumes, as well as a free SR ship coupon, a limited portrait frame, and other rewards that can be earned through mini-events.

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Event Updates and Rewards

“Parallel Superimposition” event runs from December 22nd, 2022 to January 4th, 2023. In order to investigate the strange phenomenon of Anchorage, Commander was separated from the companions in virtual space and arrived at an unknown horizon after seeing the dream where the Sea of Stars was attacked. By clearing event stages and collecting Points, Commanders can earn rewards including Super Rare character Hornet II, event-limited Elite character Langley II, and Ultra Rare Gear AD-1 Skyraider, etc.

Parallel Superimposition Anime Trailer

Additionally, 4 mini-events are introduced in the Vacation Resort. Commanders can redeem rewards in the Souvenir Shop through constructing and running a hot spring hotel in the “Open-Air Onsen” event, earn Birmingham’s swimsuit skin “To Where the Wind Blows” in the “Sirens VS Swimsuits” event, get the 7 pick 1 SR ship coupon by signing in on the “Blessings and New Year’s Invitation” event page and open up lucky pouches every day in “Try Your Luck” event. By earning Training Pts, players can get a limited portrait frame “Sea of Stars Loop”.


Azur Lane is available as a free to play game on both Android and iOS. If you wish to find out more and perhaps read the manga series, visit the official website located here.

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