Elemental Titans, 3D Idle Arena

Elemental Titans is an idle arena game developed by ALL9FUN, featuring a variety of puzzle and mini games, including Dragon Jump, Frog Jump, Sinopoly, and the Mines. The most thrilling and rewarding mode is Burning Hollow, which presents three stages of the classic game “Mine Sweeper,” but with an added element of strategy and skill.

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About the game

In Elemental Titans, players control their team in a unique, three-dimensional circular arena using simple finger swipes. This adds spatial depth to the battlefield, leading to exciting gameplay mechanics. Players can choose from a total of six elements to form their team, with each titan having its own elemental affinity that can be enhanced by other titans of the same element. The most versatile titans are those of light and dark, which offer more opportunities for team composition. The game’s three-dimensional mechanics also allow for immersive co-op raids and dungeons, including 5-man and 10-man options where players can truly shine.

Elemental Titans, 3D Idle Arena
Elemental Titans

What’s new?

New S-Tier Hero: Dolphina Naia
In the previous patch, the new Hero – Vanguard Myrina, with strong AOE abilities, debuff effects, and survival ability, has become a strong tank for both PvE and PvP in game. This time, the new S-Tier Hero – Dolphina Naia, Queen of the Mermaid Tribe, is joining the cast. She is capable of adding protective buff to teammates and summoning her spirit dolphins to assist in battle. In addition, the new system Trial Tower, provides great opportunity for players to test the compatibility of the new Hero with their current Hero lineups.

Hero Class System
Apart from the lifting of the maximum Hero Star Rank, a brand new Class system is introduced in this patch. Once a Hero’s class title is activated, a strong passive ability and additional attributes will be given to the Hero. There are five main Classes: Guard, Brawler, Mage, Archer, and Healer; all of which could be further advanced into a higher rank such as Crusader, Ronin, Marksman, Warlock, and Cleric. Advancing to higher tier titles can further enhance the power of the Heroes.

Your Unique Symbol – Icon Frames
Elemental Titans’ player population is full of talented gamers. Many have joined our Creator Program and published user generated content. By joining the Program, creators will get a special icon frame which highlights their significant contributions to our game. The top ranks players in Cross-Server World Arena and Championship could as well receive corresponding glory frames, too. This new feature encourages players to show off their achievements. Join the game and collect one by yourself!


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