Kloot Arena pre-registration is open

Itatake, an indie developer known for games like Gumslinger and Rest in Pieces, is announcing that their latest game Kloot Arena is now accepting pre-registrations (on Android). This should be unique and fast-paced online PvP arena battle game, that promises non-stop action on the go.

About Kloot Arena

Kloot Arena is a PvP battle game that revolves around turn-based combat. It offers fast-paced battles in competitive environment. Players have the option to challenge their friends or engage in ranked battles against online opponents to earn rewards and ascend the leagues in their quest to reach the top. Featuring user-friendly controls, great sound effects, and visually stunning graphics, the game promises excellent experience.

In Kloot Arena, players have the opportunity to amass a diverse collection of characters, which they can customize to their liking. Each character possesses unique attacks, ranging from devastating explosions and airborne projectiles to brawling tackles and razor-sharp blades.

It all began 2.5 years ago, and we’ve invested more time than we initially anticipated into this game. Despite the challenges, seeing the final outcome validates our efforts. We take immense pride in the product, surpassing even our highest expectations

Mattias Granat from Itatatake

You can preregister on the Google Play Store, and possibly on Apple’s TestFlight, in order to receive the special pre-registration bonus. The release date was not specified, other than “in 2023”, so just be patient.

D.B. – “Kloot Arena pre-registration is open”

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