Strangers Awaken softlaunch in selected regions

Strangers Awaken is the latest creation of Uriverse, Inc. An online MOBA 5v5 strategy magic game that will be released on Android and iOS soon. For now, you can participate in the beta test and claim some rewards. There are no regional restrictions for the iOS version, so you can download it from anywhere in the world.

About Strangers Awaken

Strangers Awaken is a team-based MOBA game where two teams of five engage in intense combat to destroy the opposing team’s dragon. With a wide array of spells, weapons, and heroes to choose from, players embark on a thrilling 10-15 minute journey to achieve victory. The outcome of the match depends on your skill level (and that of your teammates), so practice is a must.

The game is currently in soft-launch, to test the game mechanics and other systems before our worldwide launch. However, there are no regional restrictions applied for Apple users, and everyone can download the game from the Apple Store.

If you are on Android, however, Strangers Awaken is only available in:

Belarus, Brazil, Cambodia, Colombia, Germany, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Strangers Awaken softlaunch in selected regions

There is a promotion code available on the official website, and you can use it from the “Promotion Code section in the Game Settings”. To download the game, just follow the links below.

D.B. – “Strangers Awaken softlaunch in selected regions”

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