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Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior

When cats get mad, they usually tear things up with their razor sharp claws, but not this one. This one is bad to the bone and instead of scratching, this renegade kitty uses raw firepower to stop the evil canine gang and their heavy machinery.


Take control of Kitty Flame and hunt down all the members of the evil K9 gang by shooting their behinds while storming the highway, collecting various weapons and avoiding enemy fire. Be careful tho, as the evil dogs are throwing everything they got. This includes motorcycles, trucks, ATV’s and even tanks that will require some extra firepower to bring them down.

Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior is an endless runner type of game that is completely free, without any ads or IAPs waiting inside. The game offers 11 achievements and access to global leaderboards via Google’s Game Services, daily objectives that can be completed for extra points, 5 upgrade types and hours of fun in about 17 megabytes.

Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior
Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior
Developer: Bee Games
Price: Free
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Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior features:
★ Endless Gameplay: Hours of highway mayhem.
★ Over 10 Different Enemies: Can you beat them all?
★ 5 upgrade types: This Kitty has claws!
★ Daily objectives: Come back every day for a new challenge.
★ Google Play Games Achievements and Leaderboards: Show your friends you’re the alpha kitty.


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