Gentlemen…. and Ladies. Get ready to visit the town of Smallbridge where you will learn to play a new kind of sport, the Ricochet. The townsfolk of this great city are obsessed with it, and you are welcomed to stay as much as you want, play their unique Ricochet tables and have fun free of charge!


Ricochet is a brand new physics puzzler with unique gameplay and variable game mechanics. The goal of the game is to guide the metal token across the table, collect all the stars and land on the exit pad. You can only stop the token when it rolls over some of the magnetic pads scattered across the table to continue shooting. You can carefully calculate the trajectory, all the angles needed to bounce the token off and any obstacles standing in the way to get all the stars and land on the safe spot with as few shots as possible.

Aside from the “Pool” and “Golf” characteristics, Ricochet offers plenty of other features to make it interesting. This includes destructible walls, canons, punching gloves, gravity bending buttons and other contraptions spread across the 72 different levels waiting inside. Beating levels and earning some of the “built-in” (meaning no game services) achievements will unlock additional playable tokens and add them to your collection.

Ricochet comes with no IAPs and only one ad that pops up only when you launch the game. Graphics are nice and the artwork style really goes well with the theme in general. To get Ricochet and start playing immediately, follow the link below. It’s free, fun and requires only 40 mb of storage space.

Developer: Bïtse Games
Price: Free

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