Azur Lane, “Fight On, Royal Maids”

The latest update for Azur Lane (from Yostar Games) is called “Fight On, Royal Maids! (Part3)”. It was released today introducing new event and new super rare pirate ship “Royal Fortune”, that you can get for free. Of course, as almost all updated games on the Play Store, Azur Lane brings in the Halloween season with its spooky costumes, furniture sets, and more.

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About Azur Lane

The game is a mixture of RPG, 2D shooter and tactical genres combined, but most of all – side scrolling shooter with waifu girls. The goal is to build the ultimate fleet and crush everything standing in your way. Azur Lane features than 300 ships, each with its unique stats and represented by a beautiful character. Gather, upgrade and conquer everything.

Azur Lane Trailer

What’s new?

“Fight On, Royal Maids! (Part3)” event runs from October 27th, 2022 to November 9th,  2022. You can participate in world boss battles and collect contribution points. Get rewards such as the Gear Blueprints “Sea Fury T0 Design”, Elite Gear “Albion’s Exercise Report”, and also full server rewards including Super Rare Gear “J-class Crown”.

“Halloween Hijinks” are mini-event missions where you can grab the Super Rare Sailing Frigate “Royal Fortune” for free.

New Faction and New Ship Type

A new shipgirl, Royal Fortune, is added to the game featuring a new ship type “Sailing Frigate” and the new faction “Tempesta”. Ships from Tempesta perform differently than other ships. Sailing frigates can be added to submarine fleets. After entering the battle underwater like submarines, sailing frigates will immediately resurface to fight, and will temporarily leave the battle after meeting certain conditions.

Azur Lane, "Fight On, Royal Maids"

New Characters

Three new Super Rare characters and one new Elite character are being added to the game. Royal Fortune can be acquired for free from the mini-event “Halloween Hijinks”, while Albion, Janus, and Manchester can be obtained through the event construction pool with a rate up.

Royal Fortune (Super Rare Sailing Frigate)
After Royal Fortune enters the battle, she can perform a special attack that inflicts a certain minus speed debuff to enemies at intervals.
Albion (Super Rare Light Aircraft Carrier)
When a ship in Vanguard recovers HP, Albion can convert a part of excess HP recovered beyond the maximum into a barrier that can negate damage. 
Janus (Super Rare Destroyer)
If there are three or more Royal Navy ships in the fleet, Janus deploys a barrier around the Royal Navy Destroyers.
Manchester (Elite Light Cruiser)
When Manchester fires her torpedoes, there’s a chance to inflict damage to herself and fire an additional Main Gun volley.


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