Bubble Shooter Mania

Bubble Shooter Mania is a brand new “Puzzle Bubble” inspired arcade game, developed by a small Serbian company called Wizards Time LLC. The familiar gameplay mechanics were spiced up with couple of features to make the game more appealing to mobile gamers.


You start playing as a greed-driven miner, who apparently buried  himself deep underground while searching for treasures. The only way he can ever find the exit, is to burst all the path blocking bubbles in as little moves as possible. Bubble Shooter Mania plays much like the arcade game that was originally released by Taito back in 1994, with only one exception. There is no manual aim by steering the arrow at the bottom. All you need to do here is to tap on the desired location and watch your bubble land in place. This makes the game considerably easier, but the developers compensated by limiting your time and the number of shots you get before you lose the level for good.

You will have to beat over 100 different levels before you see the light at the end of the tunnel and if you get bored at some point, you can always challenge the CPU for a match or two. Bubble Shooter Mania can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. The non-obstructive ads can be turned off by visiting the option menu, where you can also tweak the difficulty level or enable the color blind mode.

[tab:Download Bubble Shooter Mania]
Bubble Shooter Game
Bubble Shooter Game
Developer: Free Jigsaw Puzzles
Price: Free
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Available features:
– Play Single Player or choose Single player vs CPU option
– Player vs CPU difficulty level
– Turn music on/off
– Turn sound effects on/off
– Colorblind mode
– Select bubble sensitivity
– Hurry mode on/off


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