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The UK mobile gaming company, Outplay Entertainment, announced that “Idol Words” is now available on the Android Play Store. Idol Words is a fast paced, jungle themed word finding game of a competitive nature where you get to play against your friends or random people online.

The “Jungle” board of 16 letters (4×4) is in front of you and all you have to do is find words by sliding across multiple blocks. Once used in a word, the letter blocks turn golden and after you make use of all the letters for at least once, the board flips over revealing a whole new challenge. You can flip the board multiple times and try to get as much points as possible until the 2 minute timer runs out.


Once you create your account or connect Google Services to your existing one, you can start unlocking some of the 52 achievements available. Idol Words can be played against friends or random people online in asynchronous mode where the winner is decided after each player completes 3 rounds. Despite being a turn-based game where players have little to no interaction at all, Idol Words requires internet connection at all times while playing.

There are 3 power-ups that can be purchased before each round, allowing you to freeze the timer, flip the board at will or multiply your score by 4. To activate any of the 3 power-ups, you must spend couple of gold coins that can either be acquired while playing, or purchased from within the game itself. Gold coins are also needed to enter the Daily Challenge after using the freebie ticked you get once per day. This game mode allows you to show your word hunting skills to the world as you start climbing the global high-score leaderboard inside.

Idol Words is an ad-supported free to play title. You can remove the ads by purchasing a VIP account for about $4.0, or buying some of the coin bundle IAPs. The game is pretty lightweight, requiring only 30 megabytes of storage and device running Android version 2.3 or higher.

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Game Features

* Become the ultimate adventurer! ― An exhilarating journey through exotic temples awaits you! There’s coins and glory for the taking. Can you rise to the challenge?
* Outplay your friends and family… or even the world! ― Challenge family, friends or random opponents to thrilling two minute battles; whoever has the highest score after 3 rounds wins!
* Tap into forbidden powers! ―Use legendary treasures to give your score a boost. Freeze Time, Flip the Board, or send your score soaring with a 4x Multiplier!


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