Angry Birds Seasons, the Christmas update is here

The Angry Birds franchise joins the Christmas party as Rovio released the expected winter update for “Angry Birds Seasons”.  The update contains new levels, new theme, secrets, bonuses and lots and lots of ice.


Prepare yourself to launch the North Pole Eggspedition where 25 (one for each day before Christmas) brand new frosty levels await to be conquered. The “Arctic Theme” introduces the underwater attack as well, and you can now slingshot our feathered friends through the icy waters and attack the green piggies from below. You will also receive 4 complementary bonus levels from Santa if you happen to be a good boy or girl.

Rovio clearly intends to keep you busy till Christmas as every single level has a 24 hours timer attached to it (advent calendar levels get it?), but can be rushed by spending $0.99 in form of an IAP. The update is live, so fire up the Google Play app from your device or follow the link below.

Angry Birds Seasons
Angry Birds Seasons
Price: To be announced
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Pack your bags for an Arctic Eggspedition with 25 festive, frosty, and fun-filled levels! Plus 4 bonus levels!
NEW FROSTY LEVELS! Get in the festive spirit with 25 advent calendar levels – one for each day before Christmas! Plus get 4 bonus levels!
NEW ARCTIC THEME! Take an Arctic Eggspedition and face sub-zero temperatures, large blocks of ice and some rather cold piggies!

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