Little inferno debuts on Android

After they successfully invaded the Wii U, PC and iOS markets,”Tomorrow Corporation” decided to release “Little Inferno” on the Android Play Store as well. We can now finally enjoy setting things on fire and watching the world burn in our pockets!


On the outskirts of a city where the weather is constantly snowy and freezing, a company (conveniently named “Tomorrow Corporation”) produces a product intended to keep the inhabitants warm despite the sub-zero temperatures outside. The product is called “The Little Inferno Entertainment Fireplace” and you, the nameless hero of this game, get to incinerate various objects to keep yourself warm.


Little Inferno is one of those sandbox games that tends to get under your skin, or make you hate it in the blink of an eye. The gameplay is rather simple. At the beginning, you only get to:

1. Burn things
2. Collect coins from the fireplace
3. Order new things from the catalog
4. Burn the new things (go to step 2)

As simple as it sounds, the gameplay is unusually satisfying as you keep adding, combining and watching objects burn in the fireplace. Burning and combining items unravels the storyline up to a point where the game changes perspective and you get to explore the mysterious city in form of a side-scrolling adventure.

Couple of hours is all you need to get through the story and finish the game. While it does sound a bit short, Little Inferno has 2 possible endings giving the game a certain amount of replay-value and a chance to get all the possible combos while playing.

The “Tomorrow Corporation” (the real one), launched the game worldwide with special discount price of $2.99 (normally $4.99) and there are no DRM restrictions, ads or IAPs of any kind. The excellent soundtrack composed by Kyle Gabler (who previously worked on World of Goo) is available on the developers website and can be downloaded for free. The minimum system requirements of 1Ghz CPU and 1 Gb of ram are quite reasonable as long as you have a device running Android Jellybean 4.1 or higher.

Little Inferno
Little Inferno
Price: $4.99
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* From the designers of World of Goo and Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure
* Multiple nominee in the Independent Games Festival for the Grand Prize, Nuovo Award, and Technical Excellence, with honorable mentions in Best Design and Best Audio
* 100% indie – made by 3 guys, no office, no publishers, no funding
* IAP Free – no spam, upselling, ads, of any sort. Just the game. Short, polished, perfeccct as possible.
* Play in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German, Brazilian Portuguese, and Italian. Thank you to all of our volunteer translators!


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