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Idle Heroes

Sometimes you need a game to avoid boring afternoons and take your mind of things, but sometimes you need to make a long-time commitment and pave your way to a success over a longer period of time. Idle Heroes is exactly that, an idle game where you assemble a group of heroes and push your way to glory.



You start off with couple of free low level heroes that will help you acquire in-game resources to build upon them, or create new higher class units. As the name suggests, battles are carried out automatically. The outcome depends on couple of things, unit levels, classes, gear equipped and even the monster companion that gets unlocked at later levels.


There are multiple game modes available and daily rewards that award goodies based on your activity. The classic campaign mode is where your heroes idle. In passive they fight by themselves, but can’t proceed to the next level until you fight the enemy off yourself. Once you beat the current level, you are free to proceed to the next one and so on and so forth.



Some of the other modes include PvP ladder, boss fights, event raids, dungeons etc. There are over 200 heroes from different factions, with different abilities that you can upgrade and improve. You can also join a guild and take on raid bosses, improve your skills and improve the guild level by participating on regular basis.



Idle Heroes is available for free on the play store. There are no ads (apart from when you choose to watch videos to get free gems), but there are in-app purchases, although you won’t be really needing them before you hit at least level 50-60. Even then, you can choose the path of the time and work your way up if you don’t mind the waiting.


The game enjoys very active community and has full fledged wiki, where you can find guides and resources to help you progress.


Idle Heroes
Idle Heroes
Developer: DHGAMES
Price: Free


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