Meteorfall: Journeys

A new roguelike deck building game from Slothwerks emerged on the play store. Meteorfall: Journeys features adventure / rogue-like elements with perma-death and promises high replay value with tons of options, cards, bosses, google play integration, one handed gameplay and no “freemium” features whatsoever.


Players are welcomed to chose one of the four available classes and a starting deck before they begin their adventure. Over the course of the game you will slay monsters by drawing cards out of your deck, upgrade individual cards by visiting the blacksmith, complete quests and face powerful bosses.

As with all roguelike games, death is permanent, but since the content is procedurally generated, Meteorfall: Journeys should keep you busy for a while. Upon death, you will also be rewarded with some gems that can be used to unlock new cards.


You can get the game by following the link below

Meteorfall: Journeys
Meteorfall: Journeys
Developer: Slothwerks
Price: $3.99


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