Idle Asterix lands on Android

Idle Asterix is a brand new idle game for Android. After the short “soft-launch” phase, the game is now available worldwide, with the iOS version following just around the corner. The early access version ended few days ago and if you did play it, time to remove your VPN and download it regularly from the Google Play Store.

About Asterix the Idle Game

The small Gaulish village is up in arms! Little Dogmatix has been kidnapped and needs to be rescued, but these Romans are crazy! What are they up to? They are up to no good apparently (sigh they never learn), and it’s up to you to stop them. Build up your economy, harvest materials and collect “Sesterces”, the in-game currency. Your ultimate goal is to clear the map completely and win the game.

Heroes are also a thing, in form of a collectible cards. They can help you clear the roman waves and unlock new fields for harvesting. Hero cards can be acquired via the game’s quest and achievement system or purchased in the shop. Also you can spend the collected “Sesterces” on worker or field upgrades.

If you want to try the game, tap the link below. The developers from “gameXcite GmbH” claim that the game roadmap is full of updates, events, new adventures and new regions. The current version of the game supports Google Play integration, meaning there are achievements and leaderboards. The iOS version should be ready in couple of months.

Idle Asterix
Price: Free

About Les Éditions Albert René
Les Éditions Albert René was established in 1979 by Albert Uderzo and owns all rights to the adventures of Asterix. The company:

  • publishes the Asterix the Gaul editions issued by Albert Uderzo since 1980 as well as new editions of other comics created in cooperation with René Goscinny, such as Jehan Pistolet and Oumpah–­­Pah;
  • initiates new projects such as movies, animations, national and international shows;
  • manages the international copyrights governing Asterix adventures and grants licenses for tie­-in products and advertising, including the “Parc ASTÉRIX” theme park near Paris.

For more information about Les Éditions Albert René and Asterix, please visit .

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