ATSS 2: Offline Shooting Games

ATSS 2: Offline Shooting Games is a odd name for a game I know, but what is odder is that this game is an offline PvP game? Sort of… let me explain. This is apparently a sequel to Gun Shooter Offline Game WW2, and its offline in a sense that you don’t actually play against other people.

Enough. What is ATSS 2: Offline Shooting Games really?

It’s a 3rd person shooter game that doesn’t really have anything to do with PvP. You get to play scripted scenarios (missions), something like CoD single player, but in RAMBO style. You can also train skills and upgrade your weapons. There are certain objectives to follow and your accuracy is also measured. This indirectly affects your final score, and how many coins you receive. Coins and cash are the two in-game currencies used for all the upgrades.

Currently there is only one chapter with 14 missions, the rest are tagged with “coming soon”. It also appears that the game is still in beta, but you can download and play it freely – worldwide.


The game looks decent, and runs just fine even on mid range devices (SD720G, 723 etc.) with at least 3GB of RAM. However there are some aspects that need more tweaking. For example there are invisible walls everywhere and maps feel small, in fact they are small. While moving (left stick) performs just fine, aiming and looking stick (the right one) needs some more love. I often found myself scrolling over and over with my right thumb, just to make a U turn.

Aim assists is a bit too much. I would love to see a high precision aiming controls without the game auto-locking on opponents heads. Slow-motion (aka Sniper Elite) shots are also a thing, and they look nice.

On a side-note the developer mentions a “Zombie Mode” in the game description. I swear I was looking and it’s not there. A feature planned for a future update maybe?

I recorded the first level to showcase the gameplay, watch the video below.

Gameplay Video

Anything else?

Not really. It’s a free game with ads and in-app purchases that looks great and is fun to try. There are some annoying banner ads in the top right corner, but other than that it’s OK. I tested if it runs in airplane mode and it does. It won’t take much space either, only about 220 megabytes. Currently, there is a bug hiding the price of some in-app purchases, so be careful.

LAST MINUTE EDIT: The game is definitely in beta (version tested 0.0.2), and ATSS 2 actually stands for Anti Terrorist Squad Shooting II Retribution. It was right there on the game icon…

The developer is “Techouse Games” and they have a neat looking website here (if you need more info), and a Facebook page.

Martin Janov – “ATSS 2: Offline Shooting Games”

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