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Save the Planet Earth

Asteroids are going to destroy our planet. It´s your job to destroy all of the incoming asteroids before they hit the Earth. You are the last tower of defence to save us all. Save the Planet Earth!


You have 3 different missiles to use. You have guided missile from USA. Fast speed and big explosion is trademark of Russian missile. Chinese missile creates black hole that will form event horizon that marks the point of no return for any hostile asteroids that come near.

Game Features

– Over 20 levels to complete
– Over 1000 incoming asteroids to destroy
– Defend our planet with 3 different missiles
– Action becomes very intense and addictive
– Simple touch control, touch the screen to launch the missile
– Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master

How to Play:

– Choose your missile by tapping the flag (USA, Russia or China) in the upper left corner of your screen
– Guided missile (USA) tap the asteroid and you launch missile that will follow and destroy the asteroid
– Russian and Chinese missile. Tap anywhere on the screen and missile will at that spot and explode


Save the Planet Earth
Save the Planet Earth
Developer: Wildman Games
Price: Free

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