Hero Hunters updated to Version 1.1

Exactly two weeks after the official launch, Hero Hunters by HotHead games receives its first major update. In the meantime, the game enjoyed over 1 million downloads from the Play Store alone with no intention of slowing down.


Hero Hunters update 1.1


We already wrote about Hero Hunters when it officially became available worldwide, so check out that post to find more info about the game. Today, HotHead games rolled out their first major update, introducing two new heroes and one new district to explore, Little Tokyo.



What’s New

District 7 is here!

A training ground for Kurtz’ specialized assassins, Little Tokyo is a dense urban district of dizzying heights with peril on all sides and a deadly warrior who waits at the top of the tower.
YanLung – Siege Breaker
A heavy assault hero with shield breaking abilities, cutting through the enemies frontline with ease.

Scum – Assault Fumigator
Dominates the battlefield with powerful area attacks that forces enemies to constantly relocate or take massive damage.

Hero Hunters took the number 1 position in “New + Updated Games” on the Play Store the week it officially launched. HotHead games are announcing even more heroes, regions and exciting community events in the coming months. You can get the game directly from the link provided below, as long as you have Android device running version 4.4 or later. The PvP is still a bit clunky and the match-making systems needs to be tweaked up a bit, but it is fun nevertheless.


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