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Behind this pixelated platformer, dwells something darker. Something horrible that despite all the warnings from the developers, you just have to download it and find out what it is. The mysterious code simply named “Dere.EXE”  ends up on your device, what will you do?




Without revealing too much, let’s just say that someone, somewhere managed to extract a game from a corrupted disk. The game file was called dere.exe. The disk was salvaged from the city-wide destruction event of ‘The Last Yandere’. As you play this glitched, bugged piece of software, you start to feel like something from beneath the code is trying to talk to you.



Dere.Exe shares the same universe of its prequel ‘The Last Yandere’ visual novel. Right from the start, you will notice that the game is highly unpredictable and can be frustrating at certain points. Clear instructions are not always provided, which makes the game somewhat challenging, but still fun to play. The difficulty should not be a problem as respawns are fast and you do learn from the mistakes you make. The pixalated graphics, the retro music, but also the horror and mystery elements of the game should be reason enough to give it a spin.

Dere.EXE is available on Android, iOS and Steam. The Android version can be downloaded from the link below, to get the PC version visit the official website located at


DERE EXE: Rebirth of Horror
DERE EXE: Rebirth of Horror
Developer: AppSir Games
Price: Free

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