Glitch Dash

After teasing the general population of Reddit’s /r/AndroidGaming/ for the past 8 months, David Marquardt (Co-Founder, VisualDreams AB) today released his extremely hard runner game – Glitch Dash. Try to survive in this abstract world filled with hammers and axes, collect gems and have fun in glorious 60 fps.


About Glitch Dash


As I mentioned before, Glitch Dash is a runner type of game, but not an endless one. Levels do have an ending in form of a gate, and the road leading there is pawed in pain. Quick reflexes and device powerful enough to run the game absolutely smoothly is a must, especially after level 2. The short tutorial will explain the basics, which are swipe left-right, up and down to avoid the deadly objects and stuff blocking your path. Fun, until you realize how little maneuvering space and time you have until you hit something (or something smashes you).



Luckily, there are checkpoints available. To use them you will either have to watch an ad or use the re-spawn token that can be purchased in the store. You can also use shields to save your life from 1 hit and Lives that are not quite obvious at first, until you lose them all. All those items can be bought separately as in-app purchases, or collected by completing levels. If you like the game, you can opt in for the “IN APPS BE GONE!” package (about $10) that removes every single iap, removes the ads and gives you unlimited everything.


Glitch Dash




You will either love or hate Glitch Dash. The game is hard, precision and timing is everything, but it does feel satisfying when you reach that gate waiting in the end. For now there are 8 thematic levels available ranging from arctic wastelands to futuristic neon styled surroundings. More levels will be available once the game gets on its feet. Graphics are pretty, but what makes everything greater is the absolutely smooth gaming experience at 60 frames per second. This is quite noticeable, especially on larger phones and tablets. The gameplay simply flows and gives you an incredible feeling of immersion. I tested the game on multiple devices with the bottom bin being a phone with Snapdragon 430 CPU and it performed quite good, but it really shows off when you crank the graphics to high on a modern Android device with at least Snapdragon 650 (or equivalent) CPU or better.

Glitch Dash is free to download from the Play Store. Like a cherry on top of the sundae, you can play the game in offline mode as well (with certain “watch ads to receive x” restrictions). Regardless if you find this genre interesting or not, I do recommend the game. Give it a try by following the link below or check out the trailer first.


Glitch Dash
Glitch Dash
Developer: Rogue Games, Inc.
Price: Free



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