Sonic and Pacman crossover event

Bandai Namco and Sega announced that special even will take place in both their hit games, Sonic Dash and PAC-MAN. The event will run from 20th February through to the 20th March. Sonic Dash is celebrating 5 years anniversary and the two mobile apps will feature each visitor as playable characters in addition to all-new unlockable content.


Sonic Dash meets Mr. and Ms. PACMAN


Dr. Eggman is being left out from the fifth year anniversary party and is now conspiring with BASH the Ghost in the world of Sonic Dash. Meanwhile, Sonic’s animal friends are kidnapped in Pacman’s world.


In Sonic Dash players can run as PAC-MAN and Ms. PAC-MAN. The one week special character events will allow players to collect Power Pellets and engage BASH the ghost in an all-new boss battle. Once sufficient amount of Power Pellets are collected, both characters will stay unlocked in player’s account.


While PAC-MAN and his better half are busy fighting off bosses in Sonic Dash, Sonic himself shows up in PAC-MAN the mobile game to save his kidnapped animal buddies. There is a new maze styled as the classic Green Hills Zone where ghosts are replaced by moto-bugs. The update also features six new stages and free sonic tournament. Anyone who participates during the event will get to keep this content forever, which will disappear for others ones the event comes to an end.



Both games are free to download from the Play Store. The crossover content is already live and will be available until March 20th.


Sonic Dash - Endless Running
Sonic Dash - Endless Running
Developer: SEGA
Price: Free




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