Ghost Toasters – Regular Show

Cartoon Network studios released a brand new platform shooter game appealing to all Regular Show fans, kids or otherwise. Ghost Toasters is about hunting the undead and upgrading your characters to the max.

The park where Quintel and Rigby work as groundskeepers has been invaded by ghosts, threatening to bring chaos in this otherwise “peaceful” neighborhood. 11 other characters from the show will join our heroes and try to stop the evil ones across 40 action-packed levels.

Each character can deal with the undead in its own unique way and can be further upgraded by gaining levels, unlocking equipment and improving the skill tree. The coins you collect can be used to purchase additional costumes that enhance the characters with special powers. Crazy power-ups you collect will give you an edge over the enemies and make them regret they were ever born.

Ghost Toasters sells for $2.99, but features optional IAPs as well. You can buy additional items for real money from within the game and enhance your gameplay as much as you want, or you can disable them completely. Fans, click the link below.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download Ghost Toasters APK here.

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