Call of Duty: Strike team debuts on Android

Activision finally released their latest Call of Duty game on Android, featuring both tactical and 3D first person elements. CoD: Strike team was introduced to iOS users over a month ago, Android – as usual comes in second.

17 years from now, the United States suffers horrible surprise attack from an unknown enemy. Your superiors set you on a mission to lead a Joint Special Operations Team, find the aggressors and discover the truth. You know, the usual. One of the key selling points of this game is the ability to switch between tactical overview of the entire team to run & gun fist person mode where you take the matters into your own hands.

There are 2 game modes available. The heavily scripted campaign will tour you around the world on different missions and the survival mode that puts your skills to the test by making you fight waves of enemies in an attempt to top the leaderboards. Sadly, there is no multiplayer mode nor are there any indications that some future update will add this functionality.

The game sells for $6.99 but has optional IAPs as well. Keep in mind that not every device is compatible and there are certain country restrictions in place. If you wish to try Call of Duty: Strike Team, follow the link to the Play Store below.

UPDATE: Removed from the Play Store. Download CoD: Strike Team APK here.

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