Trouserheart, the bare-ass adventure

This was bound to happen sooner or later. His Majesty’s favorite leather trousers were stolen and he will have to go on a journey to retrieve them. Find out how in Trouserheart, 10tons latest hack’n’slash adventure.

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His Majesty is taking his afternoon nap when suddenly, a goblin-like creature enters the throne room and simply slips away his pants. How impertinent! As those were his favorite leather pants (and apparently his only pair), he decides to start the journey to retrieve them wearing nothing but his silky heart boxers (for men ).

Trouserheart is a hack and slash adventure with light RPG elements. Our bearded hero will travel across the realm, kill monsters, their bosses and collect all the coins along the way. Gameplay is rather simple. You begin by selecting a stage on the world-map and start clearing series of rooms infested with monsters, gold-filled chests or both. Once the room is clear of monsters, the door blocking your access to the next one opens and you can proceed further. Powerful bosses are guarding each level and slicing them in half will provide considerable amounts of gold coins and bars.

All them coins and gold bars must be there for a reason right? Of course. You can upgrade your crown, get a shiny new shoulderpads, new shield or even bigger blade to kill the monsters, but you cannot buy a spare pair of pants. Some of the later tier upgrades are very, very expensive, so make sure you collect every single coin, break every barrel and open every chest you come across. You will need them all!

Controlling the king is quite easy. You have your virtual joystick and you have your attack button, mash away. Seriously, that’s all you get, but to be fair, you won’t really need anything else. Our King is bit on the large side (yes, fat) and moves quite slowly, so positioning him precisely where you want to is not an issue. One thing I did notice is that although you only get one smash button, there are couple of different attack animations. Yes, they all do the same damage, but some tend to be a bit faster than the others.

Trouserheart is kind of a game that you can play in short bursts, or be stuck in there for hours, but it doesn’t pretend to be something it isn’t. It will mostly appeal to casual gamers, but those willing to test their skills can up the ante by playing on “hardcore” difficulty or enabling the permanent-death mode. Once you beat the game, you can start over by retaining all your upgrades and try to max out everything, or get all the achievements. This does improve the re-playability level, but once you complete your first run, you’ve pretty much seen it all. Nevertheless, Trouserheart is fun little game with colorful graphics and considering the fact that “10tons ltd.” launched the game with special price of $2.10 (no IAPs or ads), there is no reason to skip it. Go get your pants back!

By Martin Janov

Developer: 10tons Ltd
Price: $2.99


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