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Fire Shrike Games is developing something special for the lovers of first person mobile shooters. is in development and it looks like a mash-up of Roblox, Lego and Quake 3 Arena. Well, according to the trailer at least. The game will be published in October by NANOO Company on both Android and iOS.

For now, all that we know points to a multiplayer arena shooter with bobby traps, sky jumping with jet packs, sentry guns and more than 10 characters with unique abilities. By playing you can collect points that can be used to upgrade your character abilities and climb the ranks to champion. The game will be free to download and play on both platforms, most likely supported by in-app purchases.


Check out the screenshots and the trailer.





– Compete with players worldwide in real-time
– Experience the best controls of mobile shooters
– Fight against action figures with unique abilities
– Perform strategic power-ups with experience acquired in battles
– Challenge the champion and become the top in seasonal rankings!
– Play new heroes with special skills added every season
– Upgrade and make the action figures more powerful
Release Date: October 2018 (Still in development)
Price: Free
Platform: iOS and Android
Available Stores: Apple App Store and Google Play

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