Artillery Strike hits the Play Store

A.M.A. (Advanced Mobile Applications) announced that their first 100% multiplayer game, Artillery Strike, was released on the Android Play Store yesterday. This war-themed, turn based strategy game allows you to take control of huge war machines and obliterate the battlefield.


Inspired by the famous pen and paper board game Battleship, Artillery Strike features a grid based battlefield where players can deploy their heavy war machines, queue up orders and drop shells on the enemy ground to reveal and destroy all their units. Artillery machines are divided in 3 categories: light, medium and heavy that can unleash some serious firepower, but with the risk of being discovered more quickly.

You can challenge up to 5 opponents from your Google+ friend list, or random folks from around the globe. Once you use all the slots available, you must wait before challenging another player (20 min. per slot), which can be annoying as it limits your progress, unless you decide to pay $0.98 to recharge all the slots instantly (and get 250 bonus coins). Every battle you play, regardless of the outcome, will reward you with certain number of gold coins that can be used to purchase upgrades, ammo for your units and new war machines. Those coins can be purchased from the in-app store, where you can also find the coin-doubler permanent power-up that can be yours for $3.99. Artillery Strike is already live and can be downloaded for free from the Play Store.

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Feature list:
– Adapt your ammo to the situation
– Asynchronous Mode: play five games at the same time
– 60 custom missions
– Unleash your full arsenal in multiplayer mode, with two challenge modes: random and from your Google+ list
– Pick up items from the battleground and get daily rewards,
– Brag about your exploits via the social features.


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