Gravity Helix

Full Fat, the handheld gaming experts, are bouncing of the walls with excitement over their new gravity-controlling ball-roller, Gravity Helix. This is a hard(ish) platform game where the goal is to collect diamonds and avoid obstacles. Gravity Helix is available on Android and iOS for free. If you like minimalist platformers, check it out.


Gravity Helix

Gravity Helix is a fresh take on the classic labyrinth puzzle and endless ball runner that puts a new spin on the format with gravity-flippin’ gameplay! Control the ball up a spiralling helix full of gaps, spikes and breaks in the row – changing the ball trajectory from disaster to triumph – with a perfect tap at at the exact right moment to make the save!


Paul Adams, Director of Full Fat, adds “Gravity Helix delivers a one-of-a-kind challenge for existing fans of helix games and newcomers alike. Using our highly accessible one-touch gameplay, players of all ages and skill-levels are able to jump into the game and progress their way up the increasingly challenging spiral. Building on the player interest of our current casual titles, such as Drop the Ballz and Tilt ‘n Go, we can’t wait to release another massively different ball-game for fans on iOS and Android devices… Can you become the master of gravity?


About The Gameplay


Controls are quite simple, but you will have to be aware of various objects in your path all the time. As the spiral rotates, you will always know what’s coming and you only have so little time to prepare. The minimalist graphics design of the game works in its favor. You don’t want to be distracted by colorful backgrounds and animations when precision and timings are of the essence. Still, by gathering diamonds and letters you can purchase different ball and tower skins. Just enough so the game doesn’t become monotonous. Before you click the link leading to the Play Store, check out the trailer below.



If you like the game you can remove all ads with one in-app purchase and carry on rolling without interruptions. Google Play Games is also fully integrated which means leaderboards and friendly competitions. As a bonus, Gravity Helix will work in offline mode too, with some online related features disabled.


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Gravity Helix
Gravity Helix
Developer: Full Fat
Price: Free+
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