Coming Soon – Bridge Constructor Medieval

From their HQ located near Cologne in Germany, Headup Games announced that their next game from the Bridge Constructor series is almost ready to be released on the Android Play Store. Bridge Constructor Medieval will be taking place in the age of castles and knights where constructing a bridge can be a real challenge, even for an experienced royal constructor such as yourself.


Building a bridge that won’t break under the pressure (and can stand on its own) is clearly not enough anymore. The brand new siege levels will complicate your designs even further. You will have to protect your infantry and their carriages from the enemy catapults firing on the other side by equipping your bridge with solid roofing, or you can intentionally build weak bridges that collapse under the weight of the attacking troops. There will be 5 building materials included in the initial release, normal wood, heavy wood, ropes, stone and roof components.

Bridge Constructor Medieval was developed by ClockStone Studio, the same company that made all the previous BC titles. The game will be released on May 1st – 2014 on the Play Store with more materials and levels following shortly after. In the meantime, if you are not familiar with the series, check out Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Playground.

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