Tower of God Meets Fantasy War Tactics-R (Crossover)

NEXON Co., Ltd. today announced a crossover event in their strategy role-playing game (SRPG), Fantasy War Tactics R (FWD-R). The event is already live on Android and iOS, where players can experience content from Tower of God (TOG), the beloved webtoon from Lee Jong-hui. Also there is a Tower of God Hero giveaway event in progress.


Fantasy War Tactics R (FWD-R)


The update is focused around the crossover event that brings in thematic in-game heroes, new dungeons and daily events that players can participate in. Some of the most popular features are:


  • Popular Series Heroes – Check out four main characters from Tower of God, including Twenty-Fifth Bam, Khun Aguero Agnes, Endorsi Jahad, and Yuri Jahad;


  • Engaging Daily Achievements – Earn epic daily rewards for completing Tower of God challenges and achievements;


  • Compelling Dungeons – Explore the all-new collaboration dungeon, “Tower of Mirage,” including normal dungeons, Boss dungeons, Chamber of Trials, and scenario dungeons;


  • Exclusive Prizes – Clear dungeons to earn new items such as Genes and Hero’s Mark Summon Scrolls of the Tower of God heroes.




The crossover event will end on Thursday, April 26 for Android and iPhone and is rated E for Everyone (ESRB). The game can be downloaded from the link below, it requires Android 4.0 device or later and 1 GB of RAM. Motorola devices are officially not supported, because of compatibility problems with the software.


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Source: Press Release

Fantasy War Tactics R
Fantasy War Tactics R
Developer: VALOFE Co., Ltd.
Price: Free
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