Excalibur – new MMO coming soon

Reality Squared Games, a company behind some of the popular browser based RPG games such as Eternal Saga, decided to step in the mobile market by announcing the upcoming mmorpg game Excalibur for the Android and iOS platforms.excalibur-harod

Excalibur was announced as a side scrolling MMO following the adventures of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. There will be 4 playable classes, Knight, Wizard, Assassin and Archer. Players character will be accompanied by a spiritual pet called Fae which can evolve, equip items and boost characters attribute points. Apart from the multiplayer maps and dungeons, the game will offer single player bashing as well, boss fights, rune system, gem system and bunch of other goodies.

Since all games from R2games utilize microtransactions, it’s safe to say that Excalibur will be a freemium game relying on IAPs. Judging by the screenshots, it does look interesting and will certainly attract RPG fans. Crossplatform gaming has only been confirmed between Android and iOS devices, but we would love to see the possibility of browser gaming as well.

The game will be published by Elex and the release dates hasn’t been announced yet, but it should be out by the end of the summer this year. For more info visit Excalibur’s Facebook page.

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