Monster Shooter 2 game review

Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth, the latest release from Gamelion, is a direct sequel to one of the best free top-down shooters involving aliens, wicked guns, blood and, oh well, your beloved cat. Anyone who played games for at least 10 years will surely remember Crimsonland, the father, mother and holy cow of all alien involving top-down shooters. Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth shares the same game model, but brings in lots of improvements, optimized touch controls and adorable graphics.  

And the story goes…

After successfully killing everything that moves in the first game and rescuing his kitty, DumDum is on his way back home. Tired from all the butt kicking he prepares for a good night sleep, kisses his cat and starts snoring, but not for long…. the Aliens decided to attack Earth, and once again its up to you to defend your kitten and save the planet.

DumDum and his cat


To keep it short and sweet, you run across the map in an attempt to complete the objective while avoiding physical contact with any of the aliens or their bullets. Each successful kill will fill your rage bar, when fully charged, you can select a perk that will remain active until you finish the level or die.

To keep you busy, Monster Shooter 2 offers 80 levels over four different environments (Suburbs, City, Desert and Arctic) full of destructible objects and each one of them is guarded by a powerful boss. On top of that you have the survival and the endless mode where you can kill Aliens and grind money alone or accompanied by your friends. Unfortunately the game uses the code invitation system and there is no lobby or some kind of a channel to get to know and invite other people to become your friends.

Instead of me babbling about the graphics and technologies used, just look at the screenshots. Everything is in perfect synergy and I am not only talking about the gameplay graphics. I am talking about everything from the first cut-scene, across the gameplay, the menus and even the ads. It all blends in perfectly and looks terrific.

As you may have noticed, there is quite a bit of blood involved. Especially when you decide to choose the “SLAUGHTER” perk that makes everything even bloodier. Luckily for the faint hearted, the developers decided to give us the option to turn the blood green making it less, ahem… obvious.

Since this is a top-down shooter, it uses the famous dual stick on-screen controller. You know the drill, the left stick moves DumDum, the right one shoots and spins around the axle. I must admit I never found this scheme suiting without a mouse in my right hand, but this game offers a solution. The auto aim option is turned on by default and makes the game considerably easier as you don’t have to worry about the right stick at all. Just press on it and  things go down.

The AR$enal

In order to effectively annihilate the evil aliens, Monster Shooter 2 offers large variety of upgradable weapons, grenades, mines and power-ups, including the Mech Suit, that you can purchase in the app store by spending virtual money or gold. While the virtual money can be grinded relatively fast, the gold currency will require you to complete daily missions, level up or complete affiliate surveys. Yes you can spend real money to add more gold and green virtual dollars. You can also play the game without spending a dime if you feel like grinding and saving. But wait…

The Fuel menu

Unfortunately, DumDum uses fuel in order to reign terror and once empty, you will have to wait 10 minutes to recharge one of the 10 cells, or fill it up by using gold.

So you like our game? – Why yes its a great game. I am considering the option to purchase more goodies from the app store. – And you like playing the game? – Of course, I really enjoy it. – Well you can’t. At least, not for a while unless you give us more money. -And if that isn’t blackmail, then I do not know what is!

Ok, I understand that the game has to make money, pay the employees and what not, but no… not like this. Just recently, Gamelion offered a way to remove the energy system altogether in a form of a monthly subscription that will also grant 50% more gold acquired by completing missions and leveling up. It costs $5/month, but it offers nothing more. You will still have to grind or pay for the gold if you want to get that sweet ass Mech Suit. I don’t mind the IAPs or even the ads for that matter, that’s why the game is free, but the time restriction is a no go.

So now what? Is it good or is it bad?

It’s great. There is no doubt that Monster Shooter 2: Back to Earth is a premium quality tittle, offering polished graphics, controls and gameplay for free. You and your friends will definitely enjoy killing Aliens over and over until the fuel runs out. Despite all the money grabbing shenanigans, I am still recommending this game and encouraging you to try it yourself just because it’s really something.

by Ivica the kiWi

Gameplay, graphics, everything Time restricted gameplay ruins the addiction
Addictive, great replay value

Removed from the official store. Download Monster Shooter2 Back to Earth APK here.

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