Blastron arrives on Android

Yet another developer decided to join the other team by releasing Blastron for the Android platform, after being available to the iOS users for nearly a year now. Kabam’s Blastron gives you the opportunity to command a team of robots, whose sole purpose is to kill the other team by utilizing various weapons and tactics.

Blastron is home of the universe’s most extreme Robotic Sport – Blastbots!

Blastron relies heavily on the Worms franchise, but instead of the cute worms, you control cute robots. It offers two different play modes, the single player campaign and the over the internet multiplayer. The single player mode offers real time combat, and by completing the campaign you will acquire much needed items and upgrades that you can use against other players in the online mode later.  The online matches are turn based and you have 30 seconds to perform your move in order to inflict maximum damage or get your robot out of the way. You can cycle through weapons and items while waiting for your opponents to finish their move.

If you feel like you need to practice, you can test your skills against the poor bots and try to level up the weapons at your disposal, or test some of them on the shooting range. Blastron enjoys high rating on the iTunes and has been known to have good touch optimized controls. The game uses IAPs, but its free, offers quite a lot of content and addicting multiplayer mode. As always, you can install it from the link below.

Removed from Play Store. Download Blastron APK here.

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