Pyramid Quest for Android

Pyramid Quest is a classic platformer with 3D rendered graphics on a 2.5D plane. From the German developers at EntwicklerX, the game was previously released on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation. Now it arrives on Android too. Explore the pyramids from ancient Egypt, uncover secrets and collect treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

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About the game

In Pyramid Quest, you play as a brave explorer who must raid the treacherous pyramids of Egypt in search of ancient artifacts and long-forgotten secrets. Your goal is to collect as many artifacts and treasures as possible before you run out of lives. As you explore the pyramids, you will encounter enemies, puzzles, traps, and even bosses. You must use your wits and agility to overcome all obstacles and reach the ultimate goal.

Gameplay Trailer


  • 36 challenging levels
  • classic platformer gameplay
  • lots of traps and obstacles
  • unique enemies
  • detailed comic style 3D graphics


I.K. – “Pyramid Quest for Android”

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