The Twins Ninja Game for Android and iOS

The Twins Ninja game is a platformer for Android and iOS from the Hong Kong based developer, Fansipan Limited. I am not entirely sure why, but the game actually has 3 different names, The Twins: Ninja War Legends, Twins: Legends of Ninja Hunter on Android and The Twins: Monster Hunter on iOS. If you’ve seen couple of screenshots which look familiar, it’s the same game. It is no longer in beta and was released worldwide couple of days ago.

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About The Twins

The Twins: Offline Ninja Game is an old school platformer set in a world inspired by ancient Japan. The twins, Asano and Yuri are the protagonists of the story. They are on a quest to find the tyrant Shinigomu, responsible for killing their parents. Armed with the knowledge provided by great sensei Akita Shigeuji, they embark on a quest to right the wrong.

The main aspect of the game is a single-player platform gameplay divided across multiple stages, backed up by a rich story. Beat powerful bosses, gain experience and gear, slay demons and defeat the forces of evil. The objective of the game is to kill as many bosses and enemies as possible and to rack up as much experience and gear as possible.

The game also provides daily and challenge quests, for which you will have to journey outside the castle by using the traveling portal. All that in a pleasant cartoonish environment, with awesome and detailed characters.


As I mentioned in the beginning, The Twins has different names on different platforms and parts of the world. Depending on your location, or whether you play on Android or iOS, one of the links should be right for you. If you still can’t install it (on Android), try downloading the APK directly on your device.

  • Twins: Legends of Ninja Hunter (in the US)
  • The Twins: Ninja War Legends (RoW)
  • The Twins: Monster Hunter (Apple Store)

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