EPOCH.2 – the Robot saga continues

Uppercut games, from their Underground Cryo-Bunker located somewhere in Australia, released the sequel of their famous 3rd person robot-shooting-mayhem game Epoch. Robots, guns, more robots, action packed levels, even more robots and stunning visuals. Also, more robots.


EPOCH 2 continues where the original game left off. You are playing as the robot guardian EPOCH, programmed to serve and protect Princess Amelia. However, her majesty is still cryogenically frozen and to wake her up, EPOCH will have to collect various materials across a war-ravaged country and defeat any Omegatroniks and Alphetekk robots standing in his way.

EPOCH 2 adds couple of improvements over the original title, including new dynamic player and camera movement, and expanded field of play. You can now swing from ledges or interact with moving objects such as trains and elevators, while mastering various abilities and the brand new “fast reload” system. The developers also implemented two new game modes, “Time Attack” and “Iron Man” – where you get to fight against stronger and smarter enemies.

EPOCH 2 is “Unreal Engine 3” powered game featuring some pretty sweet high-detailed textures, captured facial animations, over 20 minutes of voice acting and motion captured cinematic cutscenes. The game is available on the Play Store for a special launch price of $2.30, or 50% off for a limited time. The optional IAPs inside are not required to finish the game, but can be helpful if you wish to acquire all the upgrades faster.

[tab:Download EPOCH.2]
Price: $0.99+



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