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Forestopia comes from Gamtropy, the same developers that made “Desertopia”, but it is not a sequel – at least not a direct one, but rather the next step in the series. This is a carefree laid-back island life simulation game, with improved UI and UX, available for Android and iOS. It was released only a few months ago, and today it receives a big update.

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About the game

if you are unfamiliar with the concept, Forestopia can be described as very casual life simulator. Grow plants, raise animals expand and evolve the island. Not everything needs to be real, so raising a Yeti and dressing him up from head to toes is very much possible. The game is available on both mobile platform and starts as a free to play title, with optional in-app purchases. There are some upcoming New Year events, so make sure to check them out (read below).

What’s new?

Part 1 Toasty New Year Event!
 Collect “Golden Rabbit Coins” from the event daily quests
and departures that appear during the period!
Collected coins can be exchanged for various items, such as the “Terrarium of the Year of the Rabbit,” which features celebratory
animals celebrating the New Year, and the “New Year Rabbit Box,” which has decorations that are the perfect setting for the island in a New Year’s mood. Celebrate the New Year with animals and decorations!

Event Duration:Sunday, January 1st 2023 0:00 ~Tuesday, January 31st 23:59
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Part2 New Pack Release
A New Year’s Pack with the “Rabbit Year Terrarium” which
comes with a special “New Year Cat Terrarium”. 
Don’t miss out on getting a cute cat with a Daruma doll on its head!

Sale Duration:Sunday, January 1st 2023 0:00 ~Tuesday, January 31st 23:59

Part 3 A new dress-up function is now available!
The dress-up function that allows you to change the appearance of Yeti has been upgraded!
You can now change clothes for each part of the Yeti, the head, neck, body, and back.
At the same time, 8 kinds of costumes have been added.
In addition, from January 1st, a “The New Year Scarf” is going to be designed with a vivid vermillion
color and a pattern that is perfect for the season.
How about enjoying the new year by coordinating your Yeti in style?

「New Year Scarf」Release Duration:Sunday, January 1st 2023 0:00 ~Tuesday, January 31st 23:59

Part 4 New animals added!
New animals have been added to the permanent terrariums, including the Plains Terrarium and Reef Terrarium.
Collect food and meet new animals!


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