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Eat The Fly!

Welcome to the world of Carnivorous Plants and Delicious Bugs! In this realistic bug eating flower simulator you will control Venus, the Flycatcher in it’s quest to catch as many of it’s multi-legged enemies as it can and look good while doing it.


Launch your flower jaws up by simple taps and crush as many bug dreams as you can while doing it. Be careful though, the more you tap the higher the bug count. The skies are filled with insects of all kinds: Mosquitoes, Stag Beetles, Flies, Bees and extremely dangerous Queen Bees. Those bloated yellow honey balls never fly alone, but instead have a few friends with them at all times!



Eat them all and use your earnings to shop for some pretty wears: Hats, Necklaces, Pots, Shoes, Gloves and even Beards. If you are lucky you might find a pet friend to put in a cannon and shoot at bugs.



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Eat The Fly!
Eat The Fly!
Developer: Fearless Doodles
Price: Free
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